STP Trading Broker

If you are interested in trading in the financial markets and you want to become a professional trader.
Start trading

TRADESKA will accompany you to achieve your goals
by providing the following services:

Very fast STP transactions

24-hour customer support

Customer transaction insurance (all accounts of TRADESKA)

Possibility to open standard, and VIP (very low spread) account

Holding free Forex training classes from beginner to advanced

Easy and fast account opening and authentication

Offering a removable bonus

Offering credit to active accounts

Minimum investment 1000 $

100% hedging even in negative margins

Fast deposit and the possibility of deposit and withdrawal with Visa card, web money, Bitcoin and ...

Ability to trade on all currency pairs, US stocks, digital currencies, oil, Dow Jones with floating spreads and fixed and very low spreads for the gold symbol.

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