Client Money Protection

TRADESKA has always been committed to the highest standard of international legal compliance, and has always been looking to provide a complete peace of mind to our traders, whenever they trade and wherever they are based. Therefore, due to our global reach in emerging continents, the company has ensured that its legal framework has complied with the requirements necessary for not only European, but also for the international scope.

Many procedures adopted by TRADESKA go beyond the basic legal requirements imposed to operate in various countries. We do this in order to provide our clients with every comfort and confidence, so as to always feel completely secured in their dealings with us.

With our business model, our success is directly linked to our clients success, and through trust and transparency, being our core values, we look to build a solid relationship with our clients, always having their best interest in mind.

Trust and Transparency
A successful and long term cooperation is built on trust. With an aim to provide the trading conditions traders were seeking for, to obtain the respect and trust of our clients, thus ensure their best interest, Tradeska is operating on a true STP model. By doing so, we warrant the transparency and no conflict of interest.
Private Data Protection
With our state-of-the-art Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) network security protocol, all our clients’ private information is kept safe.
Risk Management
TRADESKA regularly identifies, assesses and controls each type of risk associated with its operations.
Client Fund Segregation
All client funds are held in segregated accounts, completely separate from any and all TRADESKA corporate accounts.
Leading International Banks
As we are dedicated to have our client’s funds safe, they are secured in Leading International banks.

Liquidity Providers